Some experiments around compiling the most used Dwarf information (ELF debug data) directly into assembly.

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Dwarf Assembly

A compiler from DWARF unwinding data to native x86_64 binaries.

This repository also contains various experiments, tools, benchmarking scripts, stats scripts, etc. to work on this compiler.


As of now, this project relies on the following libraries:

These libraries are expected to be installed somewhere your compiler can find them. If you are using Archlinux, you can check these PKGBUILDs.

Scripts and directories

  • ./ generate files for a binary (and its dependencies if required)
  • ./ compare the sizes of the .eh_frame of a binary (and its dependencies) with the sizes of the .text of the generated ELFs.
  • ./ extracts a list of valid program counters of an ELF and produce a file as read by dwarf-assembly, deprecated.

  • benching: all about benchmarking

  • env: environment variables manager to ease the use of various eh_elfs in parallel, for experiments.

  • shared: code shared between various subprojects

  • src: the compiler code itself

  • stack_walker: a primitive stack walker using eh_elfs

  • stack_walker_libunwind: a primitive stack walker using vanilla libunwind

  • stats: a statistics gathering module

  • tests: some tests regarding eh_elfs, deprecated.

How to use

To compile eh_elfs for a given ELF file, say foo.bin, it is recommended to use Help can be obtained with --help. A standard command is

./ --deps --enable-deref-arg --global-switch -o eh_elfs foo.bin

This will compile foo.bin and all the shared objects it relies on into eh_elfs, in the directory ./eh_elfs, using a dereferencing argument (which is necessary for perf-eh_elfs).

Generate the intermediary C file

If you're curious about the intermediary C file generated for a given ELF file foo.bin, you must call dwarf-assembly directly. A parameter --help can be passed; a standard command is

./dwarf-assembly --global-switch --enable-deref-arg foo.bin

Beware! This will generate the C code on the standard output.