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Updated 6 days ago

Builds up arrows between the asm instructions of two different builds of a single project (eg. at -O0 and -O2).

Updated 2 weeks ago

Presentation at a seminar in Uppsala, in relation to UPMARC'18

Updated 3 weeks ago

Slides for OOPSLA19 presentation "Reliable and Fast DWARF-based Stack Unwinding"

Updated 3 weeks ago

A tool for automatic synthesis of DWARF.

Updated 2 months ago

Simple python script to distribute shell tasks over machines

Updated 3 months ago

Some experiments around compiling the most used Dwarf information (ELF debug data) directly into assembly.

Updated 4 months ago

Assesses the vocabulary of our beloved, greatest president.

Updated 5 months ago

Fork of the libunwind official github repo — http://www.nongnu.org/libunwind/

Updated 6 months ago

Avenant à un bail de location pour changement de colocataire.

Updated 8 months ago

Les Recettes de l'Arcoloc, pour le BOcal

Updated 11 months ago

An OCaml binding of libdwarfw (https://github.com/emersion/libdwarfw), a library built to write DWARF debug data into ELF files (and more precisely .eh_frame).

Updated 1 year ago

Tools to generate a bundle of everything that is needed to demo the project and roughly install it.

Updated 1 year ago


Updated 1 year ago

Internship report's repository for my M2 internship

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago

This repository contains a fork of perf, the profiler from the Linux kernel repository, modified in a way to interface it with eh_elfs and (hopefully) speeding it up on complicated DWARF frames

Updated 1 year ago

Simple flask "website" reproducing nginx `autoindex` mode, with more options. Among others, include the possibility to generate a .tar file of a directory on the fly.

Updated 1 year ago

Fork of GlowingBear, with a different login page pre-filling informations.

Updated 1 year ago

Various monitoring scripts for arch-sessions on mainbox

Updated 1 year ago