Master 1 network course project
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* By Théophile Bastian, 2017
* M1 Network course project at ENS Cachan, Juliusz Chroboczek.
* License: WTFPL v2 <>
#pragma once
#include "neighbours.h"
#include "protocol.h"
#include "dataStore.h"
class PacketParser {
PacketParser(Neighbours* nei, Protocol* proto, DataStore* dataStore);
void parse(Bytes pck, const SockAddr& addr);
private: //meth
void readTLV(Bytes& pck, u64 nei, const SockAddr& addr);
void receiveNeigh(Bytes& pck);
void receiveData(Bytes& pck, u64 from);
void receiveIHave(Bytes& pck, u64 from);
void handleNR(u64 from);
Neighbours* neighbours;
Protocol* protocol;
DataStore* dataStore;