Assesses the vocabulary of our beloved, greatest president.
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Trump vocabulary

NOTE: this was written in a few minutes without bothering with clean and robust code.

This code goes through the tweets of Donald Trump and produces a ranked list of words used.

The result (not much updated, though) can be found here.


A word is considered to be a contiguous sequence of letters and quotes (') only. Words that have less than four occurrences are removed (considered irrelevant — probably some random name).


Clone this reopsitory with submodules: git clone --recurse-submodules

Alternatively, if you already cloned the repo, you can run

git submodule update --init --depth 1

Get a shell

You can explore the data in a shell by using as an init script for your favorite shell, eg.

ipython -i

The following will be available to you as variables:

  • tweets: the list of all tweets ever,
  • occur: python dictionary of occurrences of words in Trump's tweets
  • ranked: ranked list of occurrences of words in Trump's tweets

Generating the list

Simply run

python ./ [OUTPUT_FILE]

If you omit OUTPUT_FILE, the list will be generated to trumprank.txt.